Overlanding Off-Road Travel

Overlanding is a type of off-road travel where the primary means of lodging is camping. Overlanding trips can last anywhere from several days to several years, sometimes crossing international boundaries. The process of overlanding is a lot like traveling by foot. While camping is a…

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Overlanding Trailers

Overlanding is all about camping, and trailers for overlanding are a great way to do it. A lot of overlanders turn their cars into personal camping vehicles, adding a sleeping area, kitchen facilities, and other proficiencies. While many keep a ground tent in the back…

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Choosing Overlanding Vehicles

To make overlanding easier, trailer manufacturers have added extra features to their products, including an updated version of the Cricket and Mantis overland trailers. These features make it easier to camp and drive over rough terrain, while a 2,000-pound half axle torsion suspension and stabilizing…

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