Essential Landing Accessories

overlanding accessories

You’ve probably already heard of overlanding backpacks, but do you know which accessories you absolutely must bring with you? Whether you’re heading out on a long trail run or a long overlanding trip, you can’t go without a transport rack. The Fat Tire E-Bike Rack by 1Up will transport your QuietKat electric bike safely and securely, while the STG Pick-Up Truck Tailgate Pad makes it easy to transport five bikes at a time.

The Nissan Frontier is the midsize pickup truck that Nissan is updating for 2022. While a Nissan may not be your first choice for overlanding, this vehicle has all the necessary parts to make your adventure the best one yet. Nissan’s new NISMO off-road parts are made of powder-coated steel and will fit your truck. You can purchase a high-configuration overlanding rack now or get one for early 2022. They fit all previous-generation Frontiers starting from 2005.

Overlanding vehicles need to be equipped with air compressors and winches. These accessories will keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and help you move quickly through the rough terrain. In case of an emergency, you can always call on a portable air compressor. The VIAIR 400P-Automatic Portable Compressor Kit can hold 150 PSI and operate for 40 minutes. A winch, wheel chock, and tire deflator are all necessary overlanding accessories.

Another essential overlanding accessory is a recovery ring. These are great to have on hand should you run into trouble on the trail. Many of these kits come with all-in-one recovery gear, but these aren’t always comprehensive enough. In such a situation, a recovery ring may not be enough. Alternatively, you can also buy a recovery blanket or a soft shackle.

Electric bicycles are another popular overlanding accessory. Their pedal-assist mode lets riders climb hills without putting too much effort. These bikes also have fat tires, making them ideal for overlanding. They are an affordable way to reach your destination quickly. The electric bikes also make overlanding more accessible for everyone, from the young to the old. These bikes can be a great alternative to mountain biking.

Another popular overlanding accessory is the rooftop tent. These provide a safe, off-the-ground location for sleeping. They’re available in many designs and can fold out like a book. They usually use poles to hold the tent up, but you can also buy a tent made for the 2020 Defender 110. The Land Rover tent costs nearly $5,000 CAD. Despite its price, it’s a great choice if you want to travel in comfort and safety.

It’s a good idea to pack lightweight food and water since they can add a lot of weight to your overlanding trip. Don’t forget to bring a portable ice box and water bottle. In case of emergency, you can always use a comm and radio. You can also purchase safety and first aid kits. When you’re camping, a comm is a great way to stay informed and prepared.

Depending on where you’re headed, there are many essential overlanding accessories to consider. For example, a standard tent or roof tent can be an excellent choice, but you’ll also want to invest in a sturdy off-road trailer. Make sure the shelter you buy is comfortable and is capable of handling washboard roads. A four-wheel-drive car can be helpful too. Research the area beforehand to determine what equipment you’ll need.

Electrified bikes are also great for overlanding. You can attach gear to your electric bike to make it easier to carry heavy supplies and equipment. You can even add pop-up tents and other self-sufficient items to your electric bike. Compared to a car, you’ll be less likely to cause environmental harm and will get much better exercise. Electric bikes are the perfect way to experience remote areas without a car.

A reliable overlanding vehicle can make your trip a success. Reliability is crucial. Your vehicle will be your primary transportation, so you need a dependable vehicle with parts that are easy to access. You’ll also need cargo space for your overlanding gear and extra luxuries. Luckily, there are plenty of options on the market. Take the time to consider all of these overlanding accessories and get started today!

In addition to a vehicle, you’ll need a tent. Unlike camping in your backyard, you’ll want a tent to make it easier to stay dry, and tents will keep your vehicle from overheating. Adding some extra storage space is a great idea as well. When you’re camping in the wilderness, be sure to bring plenty of water, food, and extra clothing to keep you comfortable. And don’t forget a map and compass to navigate the vast wilderness.


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